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Parking card in Latvia
There is Rules of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers which set order to whom and how to get PC (Parking Card). There also is special list of diagnosis and health situation prepared by Ministry of Welfare which provide exact understanding to whom this card will be given. This list is using by the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability. This Commission also is responsible for giving disability. The paper given by this Commission is base to get card in the Road Traffic Safety Department which is administrative body.

We have a lot of discussions about groups of people who should use this card. At the moment we have the same system like in Estonia – card is given to people with physical or visual disabilities. We have very active organisation of the parents of children with autism and they are trying very hard to also get this card. We also have discussion about people with heart and lung diseases.
To get this card person need to submit:
• For physically disabled people - document from State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability. Normaly this information has been taken through internet;
• For blind person – disability certificate of the 1 group because of the blindness
• One Picture (3 x 4 cm);
3. Is that card only for personal using or someone who is driver can use it as well (or person has to drive by him- or herself)?

The card is for person to use it in the car where he/she goes. It does not important as driver or us passenger.

The PC gives possibility to use special parking places in the city. If there is not any special parking places or all of them are busy municipal parking places can be used without charge. In some municipalities there are additional benefits for those who use PC in their territory. There are not any differences if the person is passenger or driver)

There is not any specified “service” – but it is just taken that person has his/her card with and it is means that card is in the car if person is leaving it. There are a lot of misunderstandings around these issues. The problem for example is for those who are waiting for somebody to come (airport) and also for cars which are owned by disability organisations – where many people with disabilities are involved from one side, but car on its own cannot use this benefits.

For using disabled parking card not according its purpose the administrative offences code set a fine of Ls 20.

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