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Information for persons with disabilities and chronicle illnesses.


Information for persons with disabilities and chronicle illnesses.

Latvian Umbrella Body for disability organisations SUSTENTO in the framework of European Third-country Nationals Integration fund project „Development of information environment for third-country nationals with disabilities” has developed the training program for persons with disabilities with immigrant background to give support for easier way to integrate in local society. The program is based on the previously performed analysis of barriers for integration and evaluation of training needs for persons with disabilities.
The training program is module based and will give opportunity to receive the basic information about state institutions in Latvia, state social system and available support for persons with disabilities. The basic knowledge on human rights aspects, promotion of equal opportunities for persons with disabilities, the social and medical model of disability, which is crucial to understand the national disability framework, will be provided by training program.
Training courses can be developed according to needs of individual person with disabilities and will be provided by the staff of Latvian Umbrella Body for Disability organizations SUSTENTO. The person can benefit from all the modules or choose just some of them and thus design his/her own needs based education program.
In nearest future the training program will be available online as well.
There is available support in peer support groups for persons with different kinds of disabilities upon request if necessary.
Following learning modules are available:
Module 1: Getting started – Introduction.
Module 2: Self-Evaluation
Module 3: Disability – stereotypes and prejudices - social versus medical model of disability – human rights and antidiscrimination
Module 4: Communication – way to awareness and integration. Situations of conflicts. Peer support.
Module 5: National model of social support. Social services and system of social rehabilitation.
Module 6: Employment
Module 7: Network of Non-governmental organisations of people with disabilities. Advocacy – main strategy for implementation of human rights.
Module 8: International legislation – UN Convention on rights of persons with disabilities.
For additional information, please contact the staff of SUSTENTO:
e-mail: sustento@sustento.lv ; phone: 67950437
Eiropas trešo valstu valstpiederīgo integrācijas fonds. Projekts „Informatīvi izglītojošās vides izveide trešo valstu valstpiederīgajiem cilvēkiem ar invaliditāti” (Līguma identif. Nr. 2008/1.2./124).
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