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Information Package on how to apply for health care services

Information Package on how to apply for health care services


ü      If You need any kind of health care services, the first step is to choose your family doctor. You must find a family doctor who will register You in the list of patients!


ü      You can choose Your family doctor in the Health Payement Center homepage www.vnc.gov.lv or by calling number 80001234 (free of charge).



ü       If You have problems to find a family doctor, -  we will be glad to help You!




 REMEMBER! You are obliged to choose family doctor!

When You will visit the doctor or any kind of health care sevices, You will be asked to pay „patients fee” – that is Your participating payment.

If You have health problem and need to visit any kind of medical specialist – first You must visit Your family doctor. Your family doctor will make Your health condition examinations and give You advice to what medical specialist You must go for further treatment.

Family doctor will give You assignment. Please ask You family doctor to give the assignment in case if the doctor don’t give it himself. In this case You will need to pay to the specialist only the patient fee!


Ask the family doctor about how to apply for any assistive devices if You need such.          



Do You know how to apply for further medical examinations or treatment? If not – ask You family doctor to explain You!

REMEMBER! You will need to make the appointment by phone, before you go to see the doctor.


Is there any emergency? Call emergency service immediately    



You can also visit emergency service of any hospital without any appointment in case of emergency.

If You have any kind of chronicle disease and would like to receive peer support, please contact us

by phone: 67590437 or

e-mail sustento@sustento.lv

and we will provide You the contacts of our member organizations who provide “peer support sevice”.

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