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Foundation „Kopā”
Foundation „Kopā”
Phone: 67840292
(Country code +371)
KOPA is an organization in Latvia, Riga that has been working with and advocating for adults and children with disabilities for more than thirteen years. The organization's goal is to promote the integration, independence and participation of people with disabilities in society. The organization works not only in Riga, but also in other areas of Latvia.
One of KOPA's main guidelines is to advocate for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their family members in the area of social care.
KOPA considers the current situation of the country, special circumstances and opportunities in the way it provides services and advocates for people with disabilities. Services provided by KOPA meet Social Service Law and Social Assistance Law in Latvia and also they mesh with the global health strategy that people with disabilities have rights to receive social rehabilitation services in the community in which they live.
KOPA, with IMPACT's * support, continues to implement projects that exhibit real integration. They continue to organize integration projects for children, as well as education, training seminars and conferences throughout Latvia. They also participate in advocacy efforts utilizing public relations which makes their work more understandable for the general public. It is also a venue to put forth a positive image of people with disabilities included in society in a way that is appropriate to our values, understanding and principles of democratic society.
*/starptautiska interešu aizstāvība cilvēkiem ar īpašām vajadzībām pasaulē, kas koncentrē savu darbu uz Viduseiropas valstīm, kas savulaik atdalījās no Padomju Savienības. Pašreiz projekti darbojas Latvijā, Krievijā, Baltkrievijā, Rumānijā/www.impact-the-world.org/
Adrese: Raunas 64, Rīga
Tālrunis: 67840292; 29262400

Day Center
The Day Care and Rehabilitation Center for 16 people with disabilities is part of KOPA's services. The goals of the Center are to provide social care, social rehabilitation skills and services from social work specialists to improve the integration of people with disabilities in society and in the labor market. Clients in the Center receive psychosocial support, develop skills and abilities for independent living, training on how to find employment, improve their knowledge of positive communication skills, develop understanding and knowledge of issues related to mental health and a healthy life style, develop interest in being involved in public activities, receive an opportunity to spend their free time in a very good way, and to improve their quality of life.
Adrese: Raunas 64, Rīga
Tālrunis: 67840295
Residential Services
Another of KOPA's services is the Group Homes and Specialized Workshops (sewing and laundry) for 24 clients. The project involves people with disabilities who moved from two social care centers to start their lives in Riga.
The main goal of the project is to provide 24-hour individual social rehabilitation services for adults with mental illness who need support to live independently, but do not need to be in long-term social care and social rehabilitation institutions.
The companion project is the development of the Specialized Workshop. The goals of the project are to:
1.      provide social integration for people with mental illness to promote their skills in different crafts
2.      train clients for definite work skills and to use those skills in the workplace
3.      training necessary practical skills for independent living
Adrese: Slimnīcas 2, Rīga
Tālrunis: 67436261; 26154081
The Future
The "Multi-functional informative consultative support center for people with disabilities" is a new KOPA project. The project consists of two basic parts:
1.      deinstitutionalization and the elimination of institutionalization, and
2.      the provision of patient rights and advocacy.
The project's goal is to provide alternative social support services that are informative and provide consultative support for the most vulnerable Latvian people who lived in social care and social rehabilitation institutions and are now included in the community and to ensure that they never return to the institutions.
By giving support and providing availability of vitally important information for people with mental illness and intellectual/developmental disabilities, KOPA is committed to ensuring that they will be included in society and will learn independence in society and in work life.
Visitors: 5129262